A Crooked Process

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The last two days of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings have been political sleaze of the worst kind.  The Dems continue to advance a storyline that they only want to get at the truth.  Well, here’s the truth.

The Dems have convicted Judge Kavanaugh of this alleged assault based on no evidence at all.  There is no date, not even a clear year, no location, no understanding of how the accuser got to the party or got home, nothing other than the accuser saying it happened.  There is no pattern of such behavior by Judge Kavanaugh.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Plenty of evidence is that he always treated women with respect.

During his speech Friday Senator Corey “Spartacus” Booker claimed that 4, 5 or 6 people had corroborated Prof. Ford’s testimony.  This was grossly misleading.  The corroboration that he was referring to was that she told someone in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 that she had been assaulted.  There was no corroboration of the alleged assault at all.

Senator Booker claimed Judge Kavanaugh lied when he said that the three others supposedly present had refuted this.  They said that they have no recollection of such an event occurring.  In the case of the woman she had no recollection of ever having attended a party where the Judge was present.  If one wants to parse the word refute, then technically they did not refute Prof. Ford’s claim.  However, in this situation this is the highest standard of truth possible.  This is because there is no date or location identified for these people to refer to in their memories of 36 years ago.

Booker then pulled the stunt of leaving the hearing because he supposedly didn’t want to be part of a “crooked” process.  This was after he trashed the process that put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.

Apparently Senator Booker is too young to know about the major inconsistencies in the timeline of Anita Hill’s alleged sexual harassment.  As pointed out by Jack Cashill over at WND.com:

So there was a “crooked” process just not the kind that Booker was referring to. Anita Hill may have been sexually harassed.  It just wasn’t Justice Thomas.

As far as a crooked process is concerned, here’s some real truth.

Feinstein got the letter alleging sexual harassment and sat on it for 60 days, only to bring it up after hearings were concluded.  Despite her denials this was transparently for political purposes.

Initially Feinstein said she had questions about the truthfulness of the allegations.  She reversed course on this when Prof. Ford became politically useful

Feinstein, or someone on her staff obviously leaked the letter to the press.  This forced Prof. Ford into a corner, forcing her to come forward to testify under oath. Ford herself said she believed she was betrayed and outed by someone on Feinstein’s staff.  It is interesting that she used the word betrayed.

Clearly Prof. Ford was simply a pawn of the Dems.  They did not care one iota about her personally.  Their only concern was to try to derail the confirmation process.

Feinstein was instrumental in getting Ford a leftwing lawyer.  This was before she met with Judge Kavanaugh in her office.  Why didn’t she bring up the allegation at that point?

Prof. Ford’s testimony provided two more items of interest.  During the run-up to the hearing her attorneys had claimed that she had a fear of flying.  This was causing part of the delay in getting her to Washington.  This also helped with the media optics that she was incredibly brave.  When asked about her fear of flying at the hearing, she admitted that she flies all over the world in making a living and in going on vacation. Clearly the aviophobia claim by her attorneys was just a stalling tactic.

Then there was the offer by Senator Grassley to hold the interview wherever she would be most comfortable.  She could be interviewed in public or in private.  She could be interviewed In Washington or in California or at another suitable location where she would feel comfortable.

When she was asked if she was aware that she could testify in private, she answered “No.”  When she was asked if she was aware that Senator Grassley had offered to have the interview in California, she answered “No.”  Apparently her attorneys had never brought the offer to her.  One has to ask why.

Of course, the answer is that this would not provide the Dems with the optics they desired.  At this point I am certain that Prof. Ford understands that she was used, that she is a victim of the Dems in their deranged attempts to win at all costs.

It is time to vote Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.





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  1. JEROME Boyce

    You keep refereeing to the Democrats as Dems, let us call them exactly what they are………COMMUNIST…….COMS!!!!!! Their goal is to take over this country just as Kreushev stated in the early ‘60s when he spoke to The United Nations, banging the table with his Shoe!!! “ We will destroy you and do it while never firing a shot”. Wake up citizens of THE UNITED States of AMERICA!!!! Bret Kavanaugh believes in The Constitution and that is threat to The Coms

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