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Should Blacks Like Trump?

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The Democrats have constantly tried to paint PDJT as a racist.  During the 2016 campaign they made a huge deal out of the fact that David Duke endorsed him. Of course, Trump did not seek Duke’s endorsement and blew it off when it came.   When elected, did he then ignore the black community as the Democrats have done for decades after they won elections?

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Can The Dems Be Civil?

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On Saturday, Robert Bowers killed eleven people and wounded at least 6 others in a Pittsburgh synagogue during morning services. Based on his social media, Bowers appears to someone who hates Jews and President Trump as well.  It will be interesting to watch how the MSM plays this one.  I feel certain that they will find a way to blame the President.

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Do The Democrats Support Political Violence?

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The subject of political violence has jumped to the forefront of the news cycle.  As most people know, a significant number of “devices” were mailed to Democrats and others this week.  On Friday one Cesar Sayoc of Florida was arrested and charged in connection with these crimes.

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Why Aren’t The Dems Condemning The Caravan?

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There is an invading army headed to our southern border.  A massive group, now estimated to be 10,000+ strong, appears to be headed toward the US/Mexico border from Honduras. While I am sure this group has men, women and children who dream of making a decent life in America, there are also many among them who are thinking of how they can ply their criminal trades in America. MS-13 regularly gets recruits from those who cross the border.  Also, the Honduran government has already arrested some 100+ ISIS fighters who were among the group headed north.   How many have escaped detection?

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Should Blacks Vote Republican?

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To answer this question one has to determine if PDJT is “Making America Great Again.”  As most people know that’s the slogan on PDJT’s red ball cap. I believe that PDJT is not only making America great for all people but he is also making us proud of our country again.

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Is Kanye West Demented?

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Is Kanye West demented?  Is he in need of psychiatric help?  Apparently, because of his recent trip to the White House and his embracing of PDJT and his agenda, he must be.  On CNN, Don Lemon said, “Kanye, back away from the cameras. Go get some help. And then come back and make your case.”  The idea that a black man would find goodness in PDJT is so unsettling to the Democrats and their media allies that they once again expose their true selves.

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Over the weekend America was treated to another example of the Nazi-like tactics employed by the Democrats and their supporters against Republican lawmakers.  Several supporters (paid?) of the Democrats decided to harass Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell in a restaurant in Louisville.  They banged on his table with their fists, threw food out into the street and screamed obscenities at the Republican leader and his wife.

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1st Amendment

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As the elections draw closer, it is a good time to reflect on the liberties and rights that we enjoy in America.  The most fundamental of all the rights that we enjoy is contained in the 1st Amendment.

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