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The Circus Moves To Washington

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The circus moves to Washington.  During the 2018 campaign season the Democrats issued walking orders to their candidates to play down any talk of impeachment.  Polling showed that impeachment talk was a negative for the Democrats.  Supposedly they were going to govern, to bring civility back to Washington.

Of course, as soon as they won control of the House, those pretenses were dropped.  The public and country be damned.  Impeachment of PDJT is the #1 priority on their agenda.  It overrides any and all other considerations.  This is a key part of their campaign strategy for the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign.

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No More Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, etc, Schools

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What will be the next move by Democrats to denigrate and diminish private school education, particularly religious schools, both Catholic and Jewish?

Judge Kavanaugh’s high school Georgetown Prep was defamed and slandered during the Judge’s confirmation process.  Based on the hearings one would believe that all that ever went on there was drunkenness, orgies, and a lack of respect for people in general and women in particular. The MSM tried to paint the school as indifferent to the activities of its students.  While the main purpose was defame Brett Kavanaugh, if a side effect was the diminishing the education provided there, that was fine with the Democrats. ... 

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The Circus Comes To Town

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The circus came to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday.  As with all circuses there was a barker out there inviting people to see the mysteries within.  In this case the barker was CNN who had a “hunch” that there might be something newsworthy going on.  CNN flew a news crew down from Washington for this.  Because of a “hunch?”  It is amazing to watch these reporters spin these stories.  Clearly some people had advance knowledge communicated to them about what was going to happen.  The fact that CNN was on the receiving end of such info is telling in its own right.

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Christians, Shut Up!

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The article below by Katrina Trinko is reproduced from the Daily Signal.  It is quite insightful about what the left is trying to do, that is, to intimidate into silence those who believe in Christian morality and values. If the left is successful in doing this, then they will be able to impose whatever control mechanisms they decide are needed to get people to think in one specific way, their way.

It is time for Americans to take our country back from those who would destroy all that has been accomplished since our founding.  As Trinko points out, we need to speak up when we hear things that are not true.  She understands that it’s hard to speak up sometimes, especially if you think people will judge you negatively.

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Leftist Insanity

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The absolute insanity of the Covington Catholic High School debacle continues.  For those with short memories, the media out and out lied about the Lincoln Memorial incident. A Catholic high school group, who were waiting for their bus after attending the annual March for Life, was the targets of two groups of leftist racists.  These racists insulted them with all kinds of despicable slurs. This went on for over an hour.  The kids responded with good-natured school-spirit chants, attempting to drown out the belligerent taunts. They didn’t respond with insults or any physical aggression of their own. They would have made Martin Luther King, Jr. proud by how they conducted themselves.  When the busses arrived, they departed.  We know what the media reported. ... 

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Democratic Supporter Calls For School To Be Burned Down

The potential for violence against anyone who might remotely be opposed to leftist views escalated on Saturday in Washington, DC.  As was pointed out yesterday, a group of teenage boys from a Catholic high school in Kentucky had regrouped near the Lincoln Memorial after their participation in the March For Life.

As Taylor Day pointed out:

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March For Life

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This weekend saw the annual March For Life in Washington.  There were other marches this past weekend but they paled in comparison to the importance of the March For Life.  Tens of thousands of people descended on Washington in the face of an approaching severe winter storm.  They marched to protect the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.  They marched to protect the rights of the unborn.

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